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Company Management in Romania

Company Management in Romania

Our team of Romanian accountants offers management and business development solutions and is aware that the application of strategic management in your company will lead to a series of changes that will have positive effects on your firm performance and competitiveness.  Strategic company management in Romania is recommended for all companies, especially for those which act in an unstable economic environment.

By choosing to work with us, your company management will be targeted in order to make the best decisions about changes in the business environment, given the anticipation results, minimize risks and maximize the opportunities.

It is very important for your company to use a strategic company management, which significantly improves the financial results of your company, develops and strengthens the company’s position in the market and increases competitiveness.

Our team’s results have shown that a company that practices strategic management is generally more efficient than others and their employees are better motivated.

Our team is able to provide services in business consulting, company development and they can also help your company in implementing and evaluating general or partial strategies.

We are also able to provide a wide range of services for company management in Romania, including a realist diagnostic analysis of the company, analysis of the competitive environment, analysis of the main strengths and opportunities. We will also make a wide analysis on your company’s weaknesses and a threat, which is usually recommended for a better understating of the business environment and, by having a deep analysis on this we can easily emphases on your company’s strengths in order to amplify them.  Also, by highlighting the causes of weakness and threats we can easily establish measures to solve them.

Our  company management team in Romania can also draw up and develop several types of strategies, either for the company’s entire activity, either for certain projects or departments. In this sense, our specialist will firstly draw up the mission and objectives of the strategy, will establish the required resources, the deadlines and the plan of achievement. Further actions in accomplishing a good strategy consist in drawing up and implementing the strategy means, providing the necessary environment to achieve the strategy from different points of interest (material, financial, taxes, human, information and others), staging and describe the steps required to implement the strategy. The last step consists in the evaluation of the results of implementing the strategy and an evaluation of the overall strategy.