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Our team of accountants in Romania is at the disposal of both local and foreign investors who decide for business in Romania and who need assistance in the financial matters and many more. It is important to have in mind the services of an accounting firm and of specialists in this significant field. We can offer full support with accounting, payroll and audit services in Romania, by acting in the best interest of the client. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

– Tax Registration and compliance;

– Accounting and annual tax filings;

– Audit services;

– Consolidation;

– Tax returns preparation and filings

– Debt monitoring and risk assessment.

– Forensic accounting: special purpose engagement, contracts reviews, financial statements analysis.

Support for foreign investors in Romania

We help our clients to manage their business related to finance, accounting and taxes, we represent our clients and act on their behalf when they need a professional entity for their financial operations. We can offer you a wide range of other services as you need professional assistance with business management, transaction management, project management, and property administration. These services are provided by our professional employees with different backgrounds, accountants practicing in the field of investment banking and financial advisory. If you choose us, you can reduce costs and control your business even if you don’t have much time to spend with plans for these activities. You can count on us because we treat all our client information with confidentiality and have high professional standards. We can offer you professional and customized services specially designed for our clients.

When you need to know the latest information about taxes, we will keep you updated with the latest information on taxes and with the implementation of any changes, as imposed by the law. We help our clients to manage their business in accordance with Romanian legislation, keeping updates with the latest changes in this field. If you have problems with your company, we can offer you assistance with restructuring and reengineering. 

Even if you don’t know much about the new fields of accounting, but you want to try different and modern methods, we can recommend you forensic accounting that describes engagement that results from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. The name of this field of accounting comes from the word that means “suitable for use in a court of law”. 

Payroll services in Romania

Our team of accountants in Romania can provide complete payroll services like the ones mentioned here:

  • salary calculation and data verification with the help of specific computer systems and applications;
  • we can offer support in hiring qualified personnel for your business in Romania;
  • calculating the annual leave and filling the medical files for sick leave can be part of our services for your company;
  • we can comply with the liquidation and advance payments for your staff.

Our team is at your service if you are interested in an HR analysis report involving the contracts and verification of social contributions. We can handle the payroll services for your company in complete agreement with the applicable legislation, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for information in this sense.

What is forensic accounting?

According to the Civil Code, forensic accounting is the type of technical procedure or an accounting verification performed by specialists which is necessary in the court of law in front of the authorities who need to conclude specific cases. Forensic accounting can be used in a judicial process with the purpose of establishing the direction and the accuracy of a case in the court of law. Forensic accounting has the jurisdiction to review and verify the operational and procedural documents and any records that might help a specific case and the course of an investigation. The main purpose of forensic accounting is to determine if there are any deficits or financial problems, or if the company may continue its operations with no restrictions. We mention that forensic accounting can be suggested by a judicial body in Romania and it can be performed with the purpose of verifying the economic and financial activities to see if the company acts in compliance with the applicable legislation. Our team of accountants in Romania can provide you with forensic accounting.

Audits in Romania

A correct analysis of the financial operations in your company can be revealed by an audit report. It is good to know that our team of accountants in Romania are at your disposal if you are interested in audits for your company. An audit in Romania involves a complete verification of the financial matters in a company with the purpose of showing a correct analysis in an independent and responsible manner. The professional and legal criteria stand at the base of an audit in Romania, a matter where our team of accountants can provide complete support. An internal audit, for example, is performed with the aim of identifying any possible business risk in the firm and to see if the internal structures are working correctly. Any fraud suspicions can be revealed by an internal audit report made by professionals with full responsibilities. Our team of consultants is at the disposal of companies and foreign investors in Romania who are interested in audits and who want to have a complete verification of the financial operations and statements in the firm. We remind that our team can work in compliance with the local and also the International Accounting Standards in order to provide the best results for your firm. Let our professionals handle the audits for your company in Romania and do not hesitate to address your inquiries at any time.

General consulting services for your company in Romania

Having a business in Romania also involves the services of an accounting team who can provide you with complete general consulting services on request. You can benefit from services like consulting in matters of taxes, business financing, or transfer pricing related to your company in Romania. Our extended services may comprise complete consulting in matters like the income tax, the social contributions, VAT registration, the income tax, the tax on dividends, capital gains, deductible interests or double taxation treaties. Our consulting services provided by our accounting firm in Romania are at your disposal if you need support and assistance in business meetings with potential clients or if you are interested in market research in your field or even legal advice. Our team of professionals can provide integrated solutions for both Romanian or foreign investors interested in placing their operations in this country. An accounting firm in Romania is the right answer if you are interested in externalizing such services instead of opening a department, and can be the proper solution for small, medium and large entrepreneurs.

The business market in Romania might be complex considering that the laws change quite often, therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on your business and align it with today’s requirements by hiring the services of our team of consultants.

You can write to us at any time via the e-mail or you can call us right away.