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Financial consulting services in Romania

Financial consulting services in Romania

The activity of financial accounting and tax consultancy that can be provided by our specialists in Romania consists in rendering professional services in accounting and tax, by providing customized services and assistance for several accounting fields, such as preparation of tax statements, any problem in accounting procedures and taxes, general government debts, representation before tax authorities, including providing specialized assistance during the development of tax audit.

1. Accounting consultancy in taxes and financial state duties

Our accountants offer financial consulting services in Romania and can answer any questions about taxes, can identify solutions to any case from the Fiscal Code and Fiscal Procedure, offering you solutions to minimize or optimize taxes, fees and costs, being always updated with the Romanian legislative changes in financial accounting and taxation.

Moreover, our accountants specialized in financial consulting services in Romania can obtain any permits or certificates on behalf of your company, can represent the company before any public authority in the accounting filed and in any fiscal control. If you need a tool for recovering the payment errors in your accounting system, we can help you put in touch with our partners at PaidAnalytix who developed a software based on artificial intelligence. 

2. Analysis of your company’s economic indicators

By analyzing and knowing your company’s economic indicators, we have a clear image on the real size of your business and we can draw up a review on the evolution of the company.

By our financial consulting services in Romania we are able to offer financial analysis which reveals the causes that positively or negatively influenced the evolution of costs, revenues and financial results, in order to take the necessary steps to help reduce the cost and increase the profit.

Our Romanian accountants can help you draw up the business plan and budget the revenues and expenses, as we consider these stages as priorities for the company, both in terms of business management and also in attracting capital from external sources.

3. Management Reporting

By this financial consulting service in Romania, our specialists prepare the income and expenditure management reports, which include a comparison between the budget and actual results and they also design and prepare financial projections and other reports required by management board or shareholders.

4.  Accounting assistance in transactions

Tax due diligence services combined with financial due diligence services offer to investors interested in Romanian business market a complete package of services to make effective investment. The main purpose of due diligence is to determine weather the company meets all legal obligations provided by the Romanian laws and regulations and to detect the range of fiscal risks that could affect the estimated value of the company. This type of financial consulting service in Romania addresses both buyer and seller in the stage of pre-acquisition and post-acquisition to offer assistance for optimize transactions.

For more information and customized financial consulting services and audit services in Romania, please contact us.