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General consulting services in Romania

General consulting services in Romania

Our team offers general consulting services, by answering specific customer questions on various aspects of tax legislation and accounting practice in Romania. Our Romanian accountants also provide continuous assistance on specific projects, preparing written opinions or keeping our clients up to date with relevant changes in the Romanian tax legislation.

We also offer assistance in presenting interpretation of certain accounting aspects, in order to provide to our clients fiscal and tax solutions in getting early or in advance pricing agreements. Our work is closely related to other national jurisdictions, as our accounting firm has a worldwide network, being able to offer general consulting services for foreign investors willing to invest, both in Romania in their residence country.

National and foreign investors should continuously benefit from integrated solutions for international taxation, as the fiscal legislation in Romania goes through a continuous process of review and amendment, with immediate impact on dynamic business environment. In this sense, it is strongly recommended to work with an accounting firm that can assure general consulting services in the most proficient manner. In order to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Romanian tax system and to comply with the national mandatory requirements, companies activating in Romania must know every change of the Romanian tax legislation.

Our general consulting services offered by Romanian accountants are structured in general tax consulting in the following areas of expertise: consulting and direct tax planning, income tax, for permanent establishments, business financing and deductible interest, capital gains, transfer pricing and other related fields. Our accountants are also able to provide assistance and representation for tax withholding in accordance to the Romanian legal regulations and they can also help you benefit from the provisions of double tax treaties signed by Romania.

We can also offer our services in other fields, such as income tax and social contribution, tax incentives for investment and repatriation of profits, local taxes, tax on dividends and EU directives on direct taxation.

In the general consulting services provided by our accountants are included indirect tax consulting and planning, VAT registration for local legislation and EU directives, other fiscal duties and excise. Our team can also help foreign investors with market research, legal advice, selection and recruitment, legal assistance in visits and business meetings.

For further details about our general consulting services, for complete information and customized offer, or for other financial services, such as audit services, please contact our Romanian accountants.