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Minimum Wage in Romania

Minimum Wage in Romania

The minimum wage in Romania is RON 3,000 per month and was increased by 17.6% at the beginning of 2023. This amount represents the minimum gross salary in Romania, guaranteed in payment, according to the Labor Code, Law no. 53/2003. In the following lines, you can find information about the minimum wage in Romania and the related taxes, paid by the employee and the employer. We specify that our Romanian accountants are at your disposal with complete information about payroll services for companies registered in Romania, and other facilities.

 Taxes paid for minimum wage in Romania

After paying the related taxes for the minimum wage in Romania, the net monthly salary is RON 1,863 per month. With the net salary calculator in Romania, you can find out what the payment taxes are for a gross salary, as well as the expenses on the part of the employee and the employer. Here is some information in this regard:

How much the employee pays:

  • Social insurance of 25%, respectively RON 700,
  • Health insurance of 10%, meaning RON 280,
  • Personal deduction of RON 600,
  • Income tax of 10%, representing RON 122.

How much the employer pays:

  • 2.25% representing the insurance contribution for work – 63 lei.

Finally, with the help of the net salary calculator in Romania, it can be said that, for a net salary of RON 1,898, the employer spends RON 3,063.

The Romanian gross net salary calculator can be used to find out the taxes that must be paid by the employee and the employer. You can find out more information about the minimum wage in Romania from our specialists. Contact our accounting firm in Romania with confidence if you need information about net salary calculator in Romania.

Social contributions paid by the employer – net salary calculator in Romania

Employer companies have the obligation to pay social contributions to the state budget on behalf of each employee they have. Here are the contributions:

  • CAS (pension contribution)
  • CAM (National Insurance House)
  • CASS (health contribution)

In addition to these mandatory contributions from the employee’s salary, another 10% is withheld as income tax. We can offer you more details about net salary calculator in Romania.

What is the difference between net and gross salary – Romanian gross net salary calculator

The gross salary is established and detailed in the employment contract and represents a higher amount than the net salary.

This figure takes into account social security contributions, as well as taxes paid to the relevant authorities.

As for the net salary, this income represents what an employee can expect as a final salary, every month after all taxes are paid.

We recommend those who want payroll in Romania for the companies they own contact our accounting firm. We can tell you more about Romanian gross net salary calculator.

Some information about salary evolution in Romania

In the following rows you can see the salary evolution in the last 5 years in Romania:

  • In 2018, the minimum gross salary was RON 1,900, and the net minimum salary was RON 1,162.
  • In 2019, the minimum gross salary was RON 2,080, and the net minimum salary was ROM 1,263.
  • In 2020, the gross minimum wage was RON 2,230, and the net minimum wage was RON 1,346.
  • In 2021, the minimum gross salary was RON 2,300, and the net salary was RON 1,386.
  • In 2022, the gross minimum wage was RON 2,550, and the net minimum wage was RON 1,524.

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