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Import Tax in Romania

Import Tax in Romania

The import tax in Romania is set at 19% which represents the VAT on imported goods from the EU and outside the EU. There are also exceptions regarding this tax, and here the country of origin of the respective products is taken into account, for its application. In the following lines, you can find out some information about dropshipping tax in Romania, who is the payer in this case and what are the rules that importers from Romania must follow. We specify that our Romanian accountants are at your disposal with information about this type of tax, but they can also provide support for the registration for the payment of taxes related to your company.

What is the import tax in Romania?

If you are or want to become importer in Romania, you must consider the taxation system in this sector. VAT 19% is applied to goods coming from EU member countries in Romania. In addition to this aspect, you should consider the following information:

  • If the import tax in Romania is 19% and represents the VAT imposed on most important products, you should know that there is also a lower rate, namely 9% for specific medical devices.
  • When you import to Romania, you must comply with the legislation applicable in EU member countries.
  • Certain products require testing and certification before they enter the territory of Romania.
  • The CE marking on imported products indicates that they comply with EU legislation. This marking is required for imported medical equipment, toys, electrical and electronic devices, etc.
  • You must comply with the requirements regarding the packaging and labeling of products imported into Romania.
  • Importers have the responsibility to transport the products in complete safety to the final destination, as well as to provide information in this direction.
  • The customs declarations come to the attention of the importer who must process these documents and provide them to the relevant authorities before entering Romania. If you wish more details about the import tax in Romania, you can discuss with our local specialists.

If you want to open an import company, we advise you to contact our accounting firm in Romania and find out the procedures related to the registration for the payment of taxes. The import tax in Romania comes to the attention of our specialists who can provide you with information about it.

Dropshipping tax in Romania – Can there be restrictions?

When you want to import products from the EU or non-EU countries, you must make sure that they can enter the territory of Europe and Romania respectively. Certain products, such as high-risk chemicals, cannot be used for commercial purposes, and therefore cannot be imported.

The customs authorities can carry out strict checks, and in this case, you may be asked for information about the company, activities, EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number, and other such details. We mention that any suspicious import can be retained in customs for detailed checks by the relevant authorities.

For information about dropshipping tax in Romania, we recommend you talk with our specialists, respectively with our Romanian accountants.

Import and export statistics for Romania

According to Forbes.ro, which cites the INS, imports increased by 29% in the first 7 months of 2022, with a value of EUR 71.442 billion. Here are other interesting figures:

  • Also in the first 7 months of 2022, Romania’s exports increased by approximately 23.9%.
  • The value of the exports specified above was EUR 52.673 billion.

We invite you to contact our accounting firm in Romania for more details and support with the import tax in Romania. We are also at your disposal with audits in Romania for the company you own.