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Labour Authorities in Romania

Labour Authorities in Romania

The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and for Elderly Persons in Romania operates as a specialized body of the central public administration. It is subordinated to the Romanian Government and it implements the Government’s strategy and policies regarding labour, family, social protection and the protection of elderly persons.

The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and for Elderly Persons fulfils its specific responsibilities in areas regarding, amongst others, labour legislation, employment and training.

Regarding labour protection, some of the institutions that subordinate to the ministry are: the Labour Force Migration Office and labour inspection institutions, including the territorial labour inspectorates.

Territorial labour inspectorates in Romania

The labour inspectorates in Romania have duties in the field of:

– labour relations;

– labour health and safety.

The main objectives of the territorial labour inspectorates in Romania are:

– controlling the manner in which the legal provisions are observed regarding labour relations, labour safety and health, protection of employees working in special conditions and legal provisions regarding health insurance;

– informing the competent authorities regarding deficiencies in applying the current legal

– providing information to interested individuals regarding the most effective ways to observe the labour legislation;

– providing technical assistance for employers and employees for the purpose of preventing professional risks and social conflicts.

Labour inspectorates operate in all of the 41 counties in Romania and in Bucharest.

Specific tasks for labour relations include:

– monitoring the manner in which labour contracts are concluded and enforced;

– controlling the principle of equal treatment;

– controlling the management of work permits;

– managing the national database of employees.

Specific tasks for labour safety include:

– controlling the manner in which the legal provisions for labor safety are being observed;

– investigating labour accidents and events and collaborates with the competent authorities in such cases;

– authorizes business operations in terms of individual and collective health and safety issues;

– controls legal provisions in the field of occupational medicine.

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